Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Donny Osmond Christmas

Below are some lyrics from my favorite Christmas album of all time:
Christmas at Home by Donny Osmond

"It happens each time December draws near,
A child is reborn this time of year when I,
Start wrapping the presents and hanging the lights!
Start making a list and checking it twice!
Start hanging the holly and the mistletoe!
And off I go! Back to what I used to be.
Its funny how Christmas brings out the kid me!"
- The Kid in Me

"Some are born to greatness, some are born to fall.
Some are bound to be forgotten, like they never lived at all.
We're all born to know Him and stand before His light
Like the soldier who found his King tonight."
- The Soldier's King

"I've been looking for Christmas on the streets, on the faces passing by,
I've been searching for Christmas, and its right there in your eyes."
- I've Been Looking For Christmas

"Far beyond December, I will remember.
After the carols fade away, after the Yule fire dies down,
There are no longer dreams to open and see.
Because you are hope, joy and peace, because you are the only gift I need,
My heart the season will remember, after December slips away."
- After December Slips Away

"In our darkest of hours, wherever we are,
The shadows are parted, by the light from His star.
From all men and women, there rises a song,
A Savior is born! The age has begun when the meek and the mighty are one!
When we all, to the manger come."
-Come to the Manger

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